Brand : Marlon Brando

The Godfather (Widescreen Edition)

J. meredith |


What more can you say but, it's a classic. great character development. if you are into cg and fast paced action this is not the movie for you.

Peggy vincent |

A truly flawless film classic

For years i avoided seeing this movie. i'd heard something about a bloody horse's head in bed with a man, and i thought, why would i want to watch such a thing? how wrong i was. i'm sixty years old, and i just watched this movie for the first time. now i know what all the hoopla has been about, why so many of the actors went on to become stars, how coppola's fame was developed/enhanced, and why it has spawned what, four? sequels. what a terrific film. yes, it's a true classic. as everyone probably knows, it's the story of a mafia dynasty headed by patriarch vito corleone, played by the perfectly cast and incomparable marlon brando. al pacino, looking impossibly young, plays the conflicted and rebellious eldest son who finds himself sucked into assuming his father's mantle, carrying on family tradition... oh, lordy, it's a great movie that explores so many universal themes: the immigrant experience, loyalty, death, tradition, dreams for one's children, crime, honor. if you've never seen it, see it now. if you've already seen it, see it again.

Eric f. |

The single best movie of the '70s!

There were too many to choose from. the exorcist, jaws, rocky, star wars; the 1970s was a decade that brave, new and young directors like spielberg, scorcese and lucas were breaking away from the old hollywood system and introducing fresh, independent stories and film making to the screen. but it was francis ford coppola who took "an offer he couldn't refuse" and directed mario puzo's book, which was, at best, nothing more than a beach read. the result was a legendary film that redefined the gangster picture as well as the traditional meaning of "family". marlon brando, al pacino and james caan gave electrifying performances and it won the oscar for best picture of the year for 1972.