Brand : Philip Pullman

The Golden Compass, 20th Anniversary Edition


Even if you don't like fantasy, you gotta read this.

I have seen a lot of reviews saying that the books in this series are anti-christian, and i guess you could say they are. so are most other young adult fantasy books, in case you haven't noticed. i'm catholic and i still loved these books, even though i don't really agree with them. i know a lot of people who also belive in god that still like these books. in fact, i have not met one person who has read these books without liking them. why? they have memorable characters, a gripping story, and interesting concepts. . .and you're almost garunteed to be crying by the end of the third book. so i would recommend to read all three of them. even if you have never read a fantasy book before (or liked one), you may love these. in fact these were the books that got me interested in fantasy. that's why i think everyone should read pullman's "his dark materials" books--you don't have to agree with them, just read them.


I love it!

I absolutely hate science fiction but love fantasy, and the golden compass is one of my favorite books of all time. the subtle knife (the sequel) was also great, and i am anticipating the third book in this series.

Erin reese |

Far more heart and soul than potter

I'm a latecomer to pullman's work but i'm so glad a friend introduced me. this book has a lot of heart - not just wow-factor magic and fantasy. i'm touched deeply, especially by the armored bears and the witches. the messages are timeless, the symbolism well-done and the characters endearing. i look forward to reading the next 2 books of the trilogy.