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The Great Gatsby: Including an Interview with Director Baz Luhrmann

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Reread this wonderful old classic........

It was just as good as the first time i read it. i love rereading these old books that i enjoyed as a boy.

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Worth the read. i have not seen the movie yet. it's a classic. what more can i say? this kindle version seemed to work great.

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America in a nutshell

Fitzgerald is mainly known as a jazz age writer, as an observer of the flappers and his work is considered to be stuck in the past. nothing could be further from the truth. this novel captures the american spirit in all its confused idealism, its expansive dreaming and scheming, the corruption in its childlike innocence and its penchant for pressing into the future without examining the past. the old money and its callous cop-out policies are still practised by the ones who can buy second chances as symbolized by the established buchanans while neurotic upstart gatsby is the forerunner of every motivated small town boy who makes it against the odds and finds out that although everything is for sale, including a brand new identity , all the power and all the glitz can't buy back the wasted youth or the heart of the ones who had their finger on the pulse of opportunity and rationale. the closer gatsby gets to his dream the more remote its core becomes;not unlike an emotional fata morgana. nick carraway is the chronicler of this tragedy of illusion and leaves the wiser for having the veil lifted and seeing nothing more than a poor boy's broken heart in the swimmingpool of vodka and blood. the wilsons from the wrong side of the track are a brilliant signifier of how the priviledged amuse themselves with the hardscabble folks for diversion but can effort to cut them at a moment's notice. having means won't buy you love or real friends but it will buy you a clean slate again and again until you run out of real estate. gatsby's real estate is his heart's yearning so he dies desolate because he bought the motivational speech and was never told that the new continent and all its attentant promises might make room for a new brand of hero but it can't change the human heart. a classic in the best sense of the word. a greek myth remade to fit the size of the new world.