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The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom (2009-02-01)

Marie mader |

Though it was a story of a very sad time in human history

This book was a pleasure to read in every way. though it was a story of a very sad time in human history, with the onset of the holocaust, it was filled with the wonderful attitudes of people with the highest of values. it is a story of man coming to the rescue of fellow human beings, while they risked their own lives to do so. corrie ten boom, as a result of her spiritual values, went on to become god's caregiver and messenger for her entire life. in this day of negative tales of injustice, i found it wonderful to be able to read about someone so dedicated with by gone values. she practiced the values of family unity and loyalty to all those in dire need of help from others. i recommend this book for so many of the sound values it shares with the reader. i will not forget reading this wonderful book.

Winona m. gois |

A very special story-i'd recommend it for everyone

I just finished reading this book today...and i'm so glad i took the time. when reading this book, you'll be going along, following the story, and a grat concept or an awsome quote will jump out at you in the midst of evrything. the ten booms' hearts for the lord were so remarkable. i grew truely found of corrie's sweet father who read to them from the bible every night, and forgot to send the bill after fixing a watch. and i grew to admire beutiful betsie ten boom, who felt for the cruel and ruthless and wanted to show them that love was stronger; she was such a christ -like person! i would not mind one bit being like her. i agree with anothre reviewer who talked about copying quotes out of this book to read latter; i was thinking of doing that myself.another great thing about this book, is the way we get to see the hand of god move, like the change that came over the prison room when betsie prayed, or the medicen contaner. (if you read it you'll know what i mean, it was awsome!) i would recommend this to anyone-especialy a christian. i hope you try it-i'll bet you won't be sorry. i hope you'll be blessed by this grate story.

Sly |


This book like many i have read about the holocaust and world war ii, has given me much to think about, how no matter the circumstances we go through, god is always with us, jesus himself suffered some of the same as well as taking the sin of the world upon himself. it teaches about forgiveness in the face of our human inability to forgive without god's divine intervention in our hearts.