Brand : Marco Polio

The Hole

K. kienast |

Strangely amazing and amazingly strange

This book reminded me of a beatles song...the lyrics are so strange and sometimes disconnected, but when set to the music the song engulfs you with beauty, even if it doesn't make sense. the hole lost me a few times at the outset, but as i kept reading, it became more and more beautiful...a tale of love and of losing, of finding yourself again, or at least what's left after you've lost someone wonderful.

Jianying ji |

A book to reread always

"... is impossible to relate, it can only be experienced or not experienced" this book is one of the few rare books whose power is not created by the weight of the book when it drops on your head, but rather created through the experience that you go through when you read it. like any such book, it is a richly layered enterprise, with many many different levels of meaning. with perhaps every word purposedly chosen. (down to the fictitious reviews from such luminaries as frederick douglass and brendan o'malley) and because of all these qualities, you will read and reread this book and find new perspectives each time you approach it anew. i highly recommend this book to all!