Brand : Jude Law

The Holiday

Chuck j |

It is an excellent movie!

I owned the dvd version of this movie. the blu-ray version has a cleaner picutre quality. i enjoyed watching it.

Robert david steele vivas |

Other reviews super, just want to give 5 stars and point to other dvds

This is a five-star movie. a special cachet is added by eil wallach as the elderly screenwriter. i bought this to remind myself what romance was supposed to be like. i am hugely satisfied. another keeper. other movies in this romantic genre i have enjoyed: ] ] ] ]

Feistybelle |

Take me away.

This is the best all time romantic comedy. if you love to laugh, and smile, don't pass it up. while it has an element of christmas to it, it's not overwhelmingly christmassy - so it can be watched year around. jude law is to die for in this flick.