Brand : Lynne Reid Banks

The Indian In The Cupboard (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition)

Zoe cox |

Best thing i ever read!!!

It is so non realistic witch is what i really like in a book. but it gets a little "to much information sometimes."

Jackson |

Making memories

Several years ago, during a troubling time in my marriage, one of my children brought this home from school. i wanted to see what it was about, and before i knew it, i was reading it outloud to the kids--complete with different voices. it was entrancing! i loved it as much as they did! because of this book, my children and i created a happy memory in a time when it would have been easy to remember only the negative. whenever we discuss "the good ol' days", reading this book tops the list.

Essie |

Excellent condition

I was very pleased with the copy of "indian in the cupboard" that i received. i had been under the impression it was a slightly different copy (the one i had actually been looking for was by double day and the illustrator was different, thus there were fewer pictures and the ones there were were different from the ones in the book i was looking for.) but the story is the same & that's the main thing.