Brand : T. Jefferson Parker

The Jaguar (Charlie Hood Novel)

Ellen i |

The jaguar (charlie hood_

I liked this book because of its plot and believable characters. t. jefferson parker writes engrossing mystery novels that you want to keep reading to the end. i would recommend any novels by him to anyone who loves to sit down with an excellent mystery novel. he never disappoints.

The lone angler |

The jaguar~gripping tale of greed, guilt, gunfire, and a singing gringa

If a reader is still up at midnight, transported from a new england winter ice storm to an ancient castle in the steamy jungle of a biosphere reserve and home to the lord of the narcos, where a gun battle is raging while a red-haired american singer is crafting a tune to save her life, i would call that gripping. despite languishing over the pages to savor parker's writing, to stay inside the city of gold, in bacalar and chetumal, the world of charlie hood and bradley jones with it's jungle cats, crocodiles, violence and beautiful music of accordions and guitars as long as possible, alas, it comes to an end and we're back in the land of snowplows. scenes, such as the musicians performing on stage at sunset in the middle of the jungle with a hurricane coming were so vivid i admit i had to google the jaguars of veracruz, ready to download their music. scenes, such as charlie and juan floating down a swollen river hanging onto a suitcase filled with one million dollars, and hundreds of endangered crocodiles on the loose. is the jaguar the enigmatic drug lord benjamin armenta? is the jaguar the tenacious charlie hood? parker gives us characters who are a mystery and leaves us with mysteries and we always want more.

Linda s. dimezza |

The jaguar is beyond great!

I have long been a fan of mr.parker. it amazes me the stories he tells. they consume you; take you in, grab hold of you, and, just when you think you may be freed, you are left holding on for what is to come. this is exactly how i felt when i finished jaguar. i wanted to scream knowing that finnegan's demise was still an elusive dream, a showdown at some point in the future. parker has created some of the best characters in the genre, hood being my favorite. such a complex man, searching for what is right in a world that is very wrong. thank you, mr. parker, for many wonderful hours of reading. now, to be able to wait patiently for the next book!