Brand : Steven Konkoly

The Jakarta Pandemic

John t., banning, ca. |

Nothing drags here and the reader roots for the characters. very very good.

I don't comment on novels unless i can say something nice. lots of new authors on a learning curve that show promise. konkoly is a seasoned author that knows his military doctrine and weapons and how crisis events develop and play-out. jakarta pandemic moves rapidly and sweeps up the characters and the reader on a rapid journey through crisis events. excellent writing and plot development. i consider this novel a must-read for those that like the rapid prepping and rush of events. nothing drags here and the reader roots for the characters. very very good. i will be reading the follow-on novels in the series.

Page person |

Jakarta pandemic

This is a thrilling, keep you on the edge of your seat book. i would put this book on the best seller list if i could. very thought provoking-what would we do in the event of a true pandemic? gave me some very helpful ideas on how to be prepared. i made a list of the items the characters had in there shelter and have continued to add to my supplies that i keep handy. i also ordered the book in paperback so that i could keep a copy around to make notes on items of interest. great read!!

Michael |

Suburban apocalypse

A thrilling story with intense and exciting realism. the author covers all bases and makes this feel like it could really happen in america. great writing! i recommend this book to anyone!