Brand : Upton Sinclair

The Jungle: A Novel

Paula j. johnson |

None horse lover's review

This story is about a horse living in the 19th century. the horse, black beauty, lives in england. the story is told through the eyes of the horse. black beauty shares his life experiences and friendships. during his life, he is sold many times, and he encounters some cruel and good owners. i think this book accomplished the task the author set out to complete. she wanted to alert people to the cruel treatment of horses. the description of the bit in a horse's mouth was eye opening to me. it had to be strange to have an object inserted into one's mouth for the first time. i am not fond of horses. i was thrown off of one as a child. i had tears in my eyes in some parts of this story due to the cruel treatment of the horses.

Katey |

I don't read much, but i love this book!

It didn't take long to read and is very easy to read. at times it is a bit sad, but it is mostly happy and has a happy ending. i am always sure to be extra gentle to my horses after reading this book!


Loved it

This book was awesome.i loved every part of it. the story is exciting and sad along with many other emotions. anyone looking for an old classic should read this one.this book was the first i read on my kindle and i liked how it was from the horse's point of view. make this the next book you read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!