Brand : Rudyard Kipling

The Jungle Book (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)

C. tyler |


My daughter just recently discovered the jungle book movie. this is a wonderful adaptation of the story and is just long enough for a bed time story. so happy with this purchase!

C. khoury |


Rudyard kipling has to be one of my very favorite authors. i love everything he writes and was so taken with the first "jungle book"; a total surprise and so enjoyable. so, i want to continue the saga with this and so far, superb.

Sheng wang |

Quality book :)

This is amazing. it really is worth your time. i am 14 and i am forced to read "classic literature" by my dad. in my opinion, reading classic literature is a chore. this book is definatly an exception. i had a hard time putting this book down.. it is enticing, exciting, insightful and a book worth reading.