Brand : Liane Moriarty

The Last Anniversary

Linda d. arnold |

They are beautifully rendered and complex

The characters in this book remind me of eccentric people from my youth. the characters are the real draw here. they are beautifully rendered and complex. the author gives us license to assign these characters various identities, even as she reveals them to us. i would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good read. it is delightful, not burdensome. given our current times, a real recommendation.

Bwreads |

Lots of kerfuffle and a family mystery

I love liane moriarty's writing style, the characters, and the stories. in the last anniversary, the main character is sophie. she broke up with her boyfriend three years back, and now he's calling to say that his great aunt left sophie a house on scribbly gum island. there's all kinds of kerfuffle of course, and a family mystery and lots of fun characters that have their own sets of problems that we get to see through their eyes. if you like sophie kinsella, you'll probably enjoy liane moriarty. i couldn't put this one down.

Intheflow |


If you only intend reading one liane moriarty book, i would suggest this one. liane has a definite style, based on her keen observations of life, but the approach and technique varies from one book to the next while the readability and entertainment value remains consistent. what appeals to me particularly about the last anniversary are the elements of mystery and suspense. enjoy.