Brand : The 3D Art Company

The Last Supper Framed 3D Lenticular Picture - 14.5x18.5" - Unbelievable Life Like 3D Art - Changes between different images! - Lenticular Posters, Cool Art Deco, Unique Wall Art D├ęcor

D. monroe |

Wolves and tiger 3d - will not disappoint you

I wasn't sure how it would look, i am very pleased. there are several different images viewable from different angles and they are all very cool. frame is nice, images are sharp. i also got the wolf picture too and it is great as well. this is a gift for my son and my husband liked it so much he wants it for himself. great buy!

Popeye1 |

I love the koi, package not too much

I got 3 different lenticular pictures and i liked the koi much better than the panda or black & white cats. being a discriminating 3d picture fan, i first took interest in laser holograms back in the late 80's to 90's when they were all the rage. holograms had images that project out of the frame, as much as 2 feet for the large artwork (at the hologram museum). the koi came closest to holograms as the leaves and the bottom fish appears to stick out of about an inch. then the upper fish and some leaves are further in the frame. the gravel being the furthermost layer as though the fish are swimming in shallow waters, maybe 2 to 3 inches deep. the best view is the front and up to about 20 degree angles to the left and right. overall, the objects work well together. fish looks roundish, the scene looks natural, nothing flat looking unlike the panda or the b&w cats artworks. if you purchase the framed version by the 3d art company, it is packaged with cardboard on each corner and on the saw toothed hanger fastened with staple gun. the staples are deep and takes a lot of effort to remove them with a screwdriver and pliers, not 'package friendly'. a box container would be better.

Pharmgirl8 |

She absolutely loved this. she said the details are super realistic ...

Purchased this for my 16 year old daughter for christmas. she is very artistic and enjoys drawing wild animals. because of this, she can be rather critical of other artwork. she absolutely loved this. she said the details are super realistic and she likes to watch the image change every time she walks into her room. this was a great gift and i would recommend this to any wolf enthusiast.