Brand : Antoine de Saint Exupery

The Little Prince (Harbrace Paperback Library, HPL30)


Please do not read or listen to the people that rated this 1 star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The people that are saying that this is a flat translation, ill... ill kill them. they just dont understand this book. that harry potter bokk is just stupid!!! compared to this book believe me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope this will be very useful!!! read it!!!

Wl rubink |

The illuminated little prince

Not all is left to our imagination, but the simplicity of the original novella is still there. it is simply a new translation and the meaning hasn't changed. sfar's artwork illuminates the story wonderfully. one should read both versions. and the original french language version. and the spanish version, etc. all have redeeming qualities of their own due to the nuances of each language, each interpreter. and read the biography of st exupery by stacy-schiff. there is much more to the story, graphic or not, than meets the eye. the little prince is but the tip of the iceberg. some of the reviewers are provincial in their views; i am not. this is a book worth sharing....

Samantha |

Love it

First time reading this treasure and the fact that it's interactive made my heart even happier...yes i'm 19 and bought this for myself but strongly recommend it to people of all ages. the quality is great as well.