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The Mark of Athena (Heroes of Olympus, Bk 3) (The Heroes of Olympus)

Garrett |

A great book for mythology readers

By rick riordan, i think that the mark of athena deserves a 5/5 stars for its humor, action, imagery. in the book the mark of athena by, rick riordan, seven teenagers are chosen to save the world from an army of giants. now with a mission to reclaim a statue of athena that had been stolen from the romans and now is being protected by a mysterious thing called the weaver. with obstacles, humor, and intriguing moments, will these seven teens survive? in the piece of text it says "percy lashed out, slicing the giants spear in half. ephialtes wasn't even fazed. the giant swept low with the blunt side and knocked percy off his feet. percy landed hard on his sword arm, and riptide clattered out of his hand."( page 530) in this part you see that percy and ephialtes are fighting and action is filled in this piece of the text in the piece of text it says "this time the flash of light was directly above. one of the roman catapults had fired, and the argo2 groaned and tilted sideways, flames bubbling over its bronze-plated haul. (page 45) in this piece of text i can imagine roman catapults firing at a boat and the flames bubbling, because the author makes it seem like you're right there. in the piece of text it says "a few of the water nymphs had squirt guns-which seemed not as terrifying"(page 97). this piece of text the author adds in a moment where two water spirits are holding squirt guns as weapons, which is a bit funny and weird. these reasons are why i think this book deserves a 5/5 stars because of its humor, action, imagery.

Sandy fite |

Guy below me.

To the guy who said annabeth dies in the end, i hope for your sake you're wrong because if your not, i will send you to the deepest circle of hell.

Amazon customer |

Read in 2 days

I loved this book so much i read it in less than 2 days! i hated the ending though. they are so dead. if you read percy jackson corectly you can rember that *spoiler* nico can only feel people come trough the gates of hades, nothing else so of course when percy and anabeth plument into tatarus he won't feel them come through the gates! duh! *end spoiler* i am so in love with this book! i love it. i'm doing my book report on it! finnaly we got annabeths perspective, and next book we might get nicos! *squel* i love nico!