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The Matrix Reloaded

Alice w. |

The matrix reloads again

Whoa. an unbelievable mindjob brought to you by the wachowski brothers. "reloaded" is a fast-paced movie; if you're not careful, you might get whiplashed. for starters, the special effects featured in this film far surpasses the previous "matrix" installment. consider bullet time the appetizer. "reloaded" gives you the full meal. neo's "burly brawl" with the agents include a blistering 360 degree camera swing while he spins furiously around a metal post. real? like the matrix itself, no. that scene was all done completely by cgi. the freeway chase is no picnic, either. $2.2 million worth of cars alone were trashed just for those 14 minutes- in addiiton, millions were poured into the making the freeway itself. trinity is an angel without wings here, as she rips up the road on her ducati motorcycle, with agents in tow. this chase alone is worth the $8. other visual goodies include battle scenes that resemble lethal ballets- the martial arts performed by neo, trinity, morpheus and company are heavier, more intense. so intense, i forgot to breathe at some points. many have complained about the plotline of "reloaded", critics included. no movie is perfect, but frankly, you cannot compare "reloaded" with the first "matrix". why? for one, the purpose of the first "matrix" was to build the background of neo, his journey into the unknown, his initiaion if you will, into hero-dom. while the first "matrix" focused only on a few characters, "reloaded" expands on the character cache, which can be a bit confusing at times, but will undoubtedly be effective in one way or another in "matrix: revolutions." also, in "reloaded", we see more of zion, something that is different from the first. it is here in zion that we see trinity and neo consumate their love for each other. a bit random, i have to say, and although seemingly pornographic at times, [ mild techno pounds in the background ] i throughougly enjoyed the fact that trinity and neo share that love between them- their relationship is more developed, emotional- trinity is seen as leather-clad, but more feminine and sexier. neo has taken a more christ-like role this time around. although still doubtful of himself at times, he is almost god-like, endowed with a multitude of new powers, like flying. the recurring dilliema through "reloaded" seems to be choice, free will, and fate. neo is to choose between saving humanity or saving trinity; will love prevail, or will duty? is the prophecy indeed true, or merely a hoax, a lie to disguise the truth? what was perceived to be real, is fake, and what is fake, is in actuality, real. confused? mindjob, i kid you not. don't blink, and please, use the restroom before the movie. i took what possibly was the quickest piss in history. not fun. humor is also a subtle, yet effective play in "reloaded"- dry humor, but humor nevertheless. if you're not familiar with the philosophy that serves as the frame of the movie, you probably won't experience the maximum effect of the film. following the writings of plato, the wachowski brothers shape neo as socrates, who is told that his mind will inevitably set the people free. very spiffy. eerily enough, socrates is put on trial and sentenced to death, which brings to mind another question: does neo die? religious allusions are abundant as well. the christian references are in no way hindering- all in all, the mythology, religion, and philosophy that the wachowski brothers bring in, accentuate the film's main purpose. neo is shown to have powers outside of the matrix- what does it all mean? and if things in the matrix can alter the real world, is "the real world" another matrix? "revolutions" holds the answers to these questions, and holds the final chapter in the battle for zion. it hits theaters november 5th of this year. for now, satisfy your cravings with a healthy dose of "reloaded", and do watch the first one again.

John |

He's the one!

Neo comes of age! this movie s packed with a lot of action and heroism. the story really takes hold and the plot thickens. there is a lot going on so pay attention.

K. wyatt |

The matrix reloaded - absolutely brilliant movie making!

In a time when there are so many brilliant silver screen masterpieces hitting the theaters and dvd racks, the matrix series stands out among the top series of movies as one of the finest. as seminal as "the matrix" was in movie making, "the matrix reloaded" takes that innovation and sets a much higher mark in movie making originality as it only the second in the series but truthfully just the first half of the brilliant conclusion to the story set up in "the matrix." few movies or series of movies entertain on multiple levels such as the matrix series and particularly "the matrix reloaded" does; between the action and the undeniably brilliant script that is enlightening yet leaves enough open to question that you find you must see the third movie "the matrix revolutions" to get to the finale of this essential and cinematically brilliant movie going experience. keanu reeves, laurence fishburne, carrie-anne moss, hugo weaving, jada pinkett smith and all of the other actors all deserve any and all accolades and awards they receive for their respective roles in this astonishing film. the wachowski brothers, andy and larry both have with this series proven what extraordinary creators they can be in the film industry. from the intelligent script to the astonishing action sequences, "the matrix reloaded" entertains on every level! the score for the film is "spot on" perfect for every scene. the premise: how can you top a line such as morpheus asking link where neo is and he replies that "he's doing his super man thing?" after the exciting conclusion to "the matrix" - xyon is now threatened with one sentinel per man; woman and child, totaling 250k, digging their way towards it and those in power are trying to find a way to stop them! meanwhile, morpheus believes that the answer is not within the real world but with neo and within the matrix. neo now finds that he must seek out the oracle once again to hopefully get some of the answers to his questions but he only finds more questions and he soon finds that agent smith is not dead and he has some very "creative" new talents. morpheus, trinity and neo learn that they must find the key maker in order to get to some of their answers but they must go through some of the most exciting action sequences and some extraordinary characters to get to them... if you're looking for one of the most enjoyable thrill rides and intellectually challenging scripts to ever be put to film, "the matrix reloaded" is definitely for you! i highly recommend not only this film but the first one and the last one as well. few, if any, movies entertain on so many levels as does the matrix series. this dvd most certainly deserves a hallowed spot on the dvd rack! special features: - preload - get behind the scenes - the matrix unfolds - a look at the matrix phenomenon - the freeway chase - how they did it - get me an exit - inspired design and editing - enter the matrix - making the game - what is the animatrix? - the mtv movie awards reloaded while "the matrix reloaded" answers some of the questions that arose during "the matrix," it only serves to raise more questions that can only be answered in "the matrix revolutions!" {ssintrepid}