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The Mildenhall Treasure

Joyce |

I love this book

I love this book. i lived in mildenhall for 4 years and never knew about this so it was fun learning about it.

Tina reese |

A real treasure

A true story cleverly written bi roald dahl...recommended to me while visiting the actual treasure at the british museum.. because it is now out of print i was unable to find it in england, so was pleased to find it through amazon

Kcorn |

Roald dahl met and interviewed the finder of the treasure

One might argue that this book about the greatest treasure ever found in the british isles is itself a rare find. roald dahl was able to interview gordon butcher, the man who originally found the roman silver on his land, no small feat since butcher had become suspicious of writers and journalists after being cheated out of a fortune that should have been his. the account, mostly in butcher's own words, of the discovery is absolutely entrancing and dahl has the wisdom to keep the story tight and lean, while preserving the details about butcher and that memorable day when his life changed forever. i have had a hard time finding true historical accounts which i can share with my entire family and which will hold the interest of both children and adults. with pictures on nearly every page (by the inimitable ralph steadman) and vivid writing which makes history come alive, this one fits the bill.