Brand : Brendon Burchard

The Motivation Manifesto

Christian salafia |

Thomas paine would be proud

Just started this book and what i find fascinating is the use of language and grammatical structure of 18th century america to put a new twist on motivation. instead of simply making it a boilerplate motivation book, framing it in this particular literary style imparts a new level of power to brendon's words.

Rodney t |

Really deep thinking if you read it with an open mind!

I read over 50 books a year, this is one of the better books you'll read. a book you need to read several times to really understand it at a deeper level. more to the eye than you think, but some really deep thinking if you open up your mind.

Ann kristine pe├▒aredondo |

This book goes beyond that "rah-rah" type.

"we must be conscious and responsible for our beliefs and behaviors if we are ever to be free." this is the quote in which the bookmark was placed when i received the book. i guess i could say that the quote says much about the book. too often, we have so many dreams as children. unfortunately, we forget our dreams as soon as life distracts us. brendon burchard's latest book, the motivation manifesto, lets you sit down and reflect on forgotten dreams, aspirations, and values that we had. the book helps re-align the reader to his mission, convert fear into courage, and eventually, live the life that he is destined to be. the book goes beyond that "rah-rah" type. it honestly provides you of powerful "whacks" that makes you think, "yes i did that". but it moves you to act now. the free 12-week online course that burchard provides makes the reading experience more relational because of the writing exercises and questions provided for each chapter. the motivation manifesto is an awesome read. that is my manifesto.