Brand : Tom Cruise

The Mummy (2017)

Yongbing1 |

Entertaining from beginning to end

It is a pity that religious bigotry makes its way into reviews for a movie. so, i clearly discount the negative reviews because it appears to a anti-religious campaign against cruise. the movie is a success internationally. it is no wonder that the studio pegged cruise to launch the dark universe series. cruise is still making hits while younger and the latest and greatest can't seem to replace him as the go to actor to make money. the movie itself is enjoyable from first to last scene. so, haters will hate and cruise continues to make money and this makes the haters scream.

Mary stebbins |

Tom cruise is great as always! wonderful actor!

Tom cruise is great as always! he is a wonderful actor. i love the mission impossible series, jack reacher, edge of tomorrow, war of the worlds, and especially oblivion. lots of action and suspense.

Michael doan |


Great movie.. a lot of negative people think otherwise. i saw it in theater and am excited to get the blu ray.