Brand : Jules Verne

The Mysterious Island: Jules Verne's Sequel to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Timeless Classic Books)

Cristian luhrs u |

Excelente for bed time stories

I really enjoyed telling this story to my youngest son of 7 years old, who waited every night for them.

Carol ingram |

Don't know what to type foe a headline.

I really did liked it. there was so much happening all the time. i didn't want to put it down. told my husband not to bother me about cooking. jus pretend he was camping and cook himself something on the grill. read it in two days. very suspenseful. carol ingram

Todd k |

I loved this book

I loved this book! jules verne had an impeccable way of describing a scene in detail, which allows the listener (or reader) to"see"what is transpiring. i am have already started listening to 20,000 leagues. the narrator of thisbook was excellent. he really had a handle on all the main characters. doubtlless it was very entertaining!