Brand : Max von Sydow

The Night Visitor ( Papegojan ) ( Salem Come to Supper ) [ NON-USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg.0 Import - Spain ]

Zero |

The plot is very subtle.

I like actor in supporting role. the filming was excellent. the plot is wonderful. very pretty. the ending was good and i felt the next one. on rainy days, i shut myself up and watch it by myself.

San diego |

If you like the oddness of a foreign film

This film has a few things for you: if you like the oddness of a foreign film, or you like intelligent suspense horror that does rely on special effects and bad acting then this will work for you. first: max von sydow. then liv and trevor and perre. i saw this when i was a kid. i never forgot it. it's different. thank god some numbskull in hollywood hasn't seen it. they would ruin it like everything else they touch and use cgi and bad actors. so enough about those clowns and see a good original suspense flick. darn parrots.

Pat |

Too bad they didn't give out briefs for prison issue clothing ...

Night visitor" (not to be confused with the satanic slasher/thriller tripe by same name) stars my heartthrob max von sydow. he's so cute. been looking for the movie for a long my price range, i'm a cheapo oh man, what have i been missing. he spends all his time racing through the frozen tundra half naked clad only in combat boots, boxers and a tee shirt. too bad they didn't give out briefs for prison issue clothing - for added comedic effect at least. what a fun thriller. great surprise ending!!