Brand : Laurell Emily Grey

The Nymph's Oath Book One

Mary ann boehm |

Double love

Hmmmm half nymph rose mates with her men she dreams about. trent and kraven goes on a sniffing spree to find their mate.

Terri o'connell |

What happens when a nymph has to mate by age 30

Rose is a nymph about to 30 which means her death unless she can find her true mates trent and kravenn are wolf alpha's looking for the mate they are meant to share. from the beginning their is a budding romance between them but will they seal the deal before she dies a painful death, the result of a curse on her kind by zeus? this book was well written with believable, likable characters and beautiful scenery. the author outdid herself here and i can't wait for the next book to come out.

Bethany dolinski |

Warning: you need a cold shower after reading this hot book!!!

This was a great book for a first time author. i was intrigued by the characters and it kept me interested the whole way thru. to say that some of the scenes were hot is putting it mildly. i laughed, i cried and i got all hot and bothered with this book. you read this book and you will not be dissapointed.