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The Odyssey

Jafrank |

A wonderful, highly literal translation, still has the power to move you 2500 yeas later

I read a crappy prose translation of the illiad a few years ago and hated it. i was amazed at how much more engaging and meaningful a verse translation is. lattimore hews as close as possible to the source, so it doesn't quite take the poetic liberties that the fagles translation does, but he does an excellent job overall. i was amazed to find that some of these passages where quite emotionally touching. i don't really expect books this old as having these odd little moments of tenderness, but the scene where helen is standing on the walls and recounting to priam all of the argives she knew before her abduction and her past life was really quite devastating in a way that all of the rote bloodshed never manages to be

W. m. robbins |

A most well prepared translation of an ancient work.

For nearly three thousand years the poems of homer have thrilled listeners of every culture and epoch. allusions to the iliad and the odyssey are so pervasive in our western culture that they are almost required reading for anyone who wishes to study western literature. briefly, the iliad is the story of the ten year long trojan war, which climaxes with the destruction of the city of troy by the greeks through the deception of the trojan horse, and the odyssey is the telling of the many adventures of the greek chieftan odysseus (also known as ulysses) during his long journey home. filled with tales of the heroes and gods of ancient greece, the poems are noted for the masterful use of wonderfully illustrative similes and metaphors, which become all the more wonderful with the understanding that homer is believed to have been blind! translations of homer which try to adhere to the original poetic structure and be as literal as possible are immensely difficult to read by all but the most focused scholars. other translations have completley deviated from any resemblance of poetry in an effort to be more accessible to the average reader. here mr. fagles has achieved a translation which is not only easy to read and understand, but which retains the poetic lyricism of the original. homer's works should be on the bookshelf of anyone who is interested in the classics, and with this translation you don't have to be a university professor to appreciate them.


A great and adventures book!

This book is great! its full of fun and sad adventures. but thats not all this book has to offer it also has romance.this book is never boreing theres always a adventure.another reason why this book is so exciteing is because its full of details and pictures.this way the book is not hard to understand.sometimes you may evan feel like your in the book!i highly recommend the movie as well. so to sum it up if i had to rate this book on a scale of 1-10 i would rate it a 10.