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The Old Man And The Sea (Scribner Classics)


A great book

This book was one of the best books i've ever read, mostly because of how detailed and how well written it was. santiago is an old cuban fisherman who hasn't caught a good fish for a long time. in fact, he's so unlucky that his young friend "the boy" has to fish with luckier fisherman. but one day he decides that he will catch a huge fish, and he will go far out into the ocean to catch it. little does santiago know what he will have to go though in order to fianally capture the fish. first of all, even when the old man catches the fish it is almost impossible to bring him in and kill him. then, there is the matter of survival and keeping the caught fish away from sharks. but santiago does well, despite his light head and bleeding hands. the rest is for you to discover! again, this a beautiful book about courage and determanation and i really hope you'll read it!

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Hemingway's finest work

The old man and the sea is hemingway's finest work. this is the dream he sought as a young writer to achieve--to create an entire work in prose that reads as poetry--and he nailed it here, completely. viva hemingway! a profound sense of acceptance rocks in hemingway's epic story of santiago's journey at sea--a sense of acceptance found in few of hemingway's other works of art. there are profound connections in this magnificent novel (outside of america, this book is often referred to as a novel) to buddhism, sufi islam, and christianity. and hemingway, who once said, "the sea is my religion," touches a spiritual chord here that re-affirms one of his maxims: man can be defeated but not destroyed. in afghanistan, the lieutenants in the field are keen on hemingway, so i will quote one of them, first lieutenant eric schwirian, a 2007 graduate of drexel university and a solid us army infantry officer (ranger & airborne qualified): "hemingway never cheats, he gets the hook in you and brother, you stay hooked. my god he is a great writer. his work will live for as long as there are human beings." long live hemingway! long life and blue skies, mike tucker counterterrorism specialist and author logar, afghanistan. 18 april, 2009

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The sea is a character

The amazing thing is that hemingway is able to make the sea assume the part of a character. in a huge boat all day fighting a marlin. so there's violence but not the kind that most talk about. this story is narrated by the author.