Brand : Tony Packo's

The Original Pickles and Peppers - Large Jar

Sheryl l bucher |

Love them!

We have been eating them for over 40 years, and nothing like them. used to get them in ohio. moved to florida and couldn't find so am delighted to be able to order them!! if you try them you will be hooked on them like i am.

T. high |

Good pickles

We used to live in the toledo area and these pickles are the best. we were glad to see that we could get them online. i surprised my husband with the good pickles for christmas...they are the best!

Canadaragolaker78 |

Packos pickles and peppers are a premium product

Pickles and peppers are called sweet hots at first bite they taste sweet like a bread and butter pickle but they then start to get hot not like habenero hot but more of a cherry pepper hot.they are a thick and crispy bite pickle and they are excellent very addictive.if you like pickles you will love toni packos pickles.also mentioned on a mash episode by klinger toni has a restaurant in ohio.these pickles are great!!