Brand : Richard Rybicki

The Pain Game

Justjan |

Sam laska's retirement plan

The back stories of the characters build through the book and you get so involved you can't put it down. i love the descrption of the detective work, even though you might think it's a little gruesome, it reads like you are there. the plot is believable given all the medical facilities in florida. i know the sarasota area very well and the descriptions of the places are true to life. can't wait for the next sam laska thriller!

Larry helmuth |

I felt like sam laska's partner on this wild ride

Wow ! i felt like sam laska's partner on this wild ride. authentic settings and a real feel of an experienced detective doing what he does best. i can't wait to read sam's next adventure. hope this character starts in a new series. keep the girlfriend too !

Joseph f. gandurski |

Well-written and suspenseful

Richard rybicki brings us into a complex tale of intrigue in a callous and hard-edged world. our hero, sam laska, has flaws that we can overlook, as his passion for finding the truth is undampened, even after landing behind the 8 ball in typical chicago cop fashion. this is a well-written, thoughtful work that lovers of police adventures will enjoy.