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The Patriot [VHS]

Kayceekay |


What can one say about the patriot that hasn't already been said? sure it has some "history" problems and the timing isn't necessarily right througout the movie but it is a great diversion for a couple of hours and well worth the watch! the story is engrossing, realistic and believable. the cinematography is excellent. thoroughly enjoyable.

Rhianah caspian |

Good movie, great acting, terrific story.

I have read alot of reveiws about this movie,some of them good, but most of them bad, so i thought i would just add a good reveiw to counter act all the bad ones. to be perfectly frank, i loved this movie.the dialouge was clever, the acting well done(especially on susan's part), the music moving to the point of tears, and the camera work spectacular. i loved the story, and even though some may say it was all about revenge,wasn't accurate,etc.etc.,however,i think the central theme was wonderful. i think we americans have become rather comfortable with our free speech and public schools, so much so that we have forgotten what the brave boys of '76 did to grant us our god-given rights. this movie takes that and rubs it in our faces. i walked out of the theater feeling like shouting "god bless america!" at the top of my lungs. see this movie, you won't regret it. p.s. one of the reveiwers above mentioned that the british would never have burned a church with people inside like they did in the movie, and while i havn't heard of them burning chuches specificly, i have it on good authority that when the british came to a town where they knew the pastor was a patriot, they would drag the pastor and his family out into the street, execute them, burn the church pews, then stable their horses in the santuary. i have also heard of other things, like killing sick patriots in their beds, killing soldiers who had surrendered, and burning houses with the residents still inside. this all sounds just about as bad, if not worse than, the incident in the movie.

Bearcat |


Terrific patriotic film. not 100% accurate historically, but still gives a decent view of the revolutionary war in the south.