Brand : Jim Davidson

The Perry Mason Book: A Comprehensive Guide to America's Favorite Defender of Justice

J. d. g |

A singular work

Jim davidson is a true knowledge source for pm... he was the original publisher/founder of the national association for the advancement of perry mason (naapm) back in the 80s....jim and i lost touch and only recently reconnected.... and i was unaware of the book... after reading it i was even more aware of his depth of knowledge and his pleasant writing style. ... and he did the incredible legwork and research in this singularly comprehensive book. there were few people who interviewed raymond burr, and jim's story is evidence of a bit of providence... if there were a 10 star rating, this book would receive it from me.

John nelson |

Great book!

This book couldn't be any more comprehensive. the research and organization are first rate. photos would have been the only thing i would have liked that wasn't included.

Webstercat |

A fantastic reference!

I just love this book, but it definitely is only for the true mason-phile, as it's packed with obscure and trivial facts that might not be of interest to the casual viewer (but, of course, the casual viewer would never be reading this book). it's got a complete guide to the world of perry mason, including listing and publication dates of the books, the radio show, the television series and the films. of course, the television version with raymond burr is the pinnacle of mason's media career, and after reading the book from cover to cover, i find myself reviewing the analysis of each episode after i watch it. it's making me into an autodidactic mason expert! as plus, the author has a pleasant and readable prose style which suits the subject well. it is an amazing achievement and something that i go back to time and again.