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The Phantom Toolbooth, Grade 6 Library Book: Lib Bk:the Phantom Tollbooth Lib Bk:the Phantom Tollbooth (Signatures 97 Y046)

H lee |


It is a great play on words and rely gives yoou something to think about so amazing as the cabinet would say great good magnificent

Salina eick-thibedeau |

Fun read

A sweet little story. i very much enjoyed the jewels of wisdom embedded into the plot. i think people of all ages will enjoy this book.


Wonderful book

I can't believe my mother gave me the phantom tollbooth 35 years ago, but i just took my copy down from the shelf and sure enough, it was printed in 1961. i loved it as a nine-year-old, i read it to my own children when they were little, and i've frequently re-read it when no other book would do. it's funny and clever. the illustrations by jules feiffer enchanted me as a child and still delight me today. a slight correction to your synopsis: faintly macabre is the not-so-wicked-which.