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The Picture of Dorian Gray

The write craft |

Well-written, but so haunting!

This book was so well written and covers so many important, seemingly timeless dilemmas that i felt guilty while i was reading it. even though there is no explicit language, there was a subtle sexual undertone throughout the work that was frightening. it is one of those books that people love to hate and hate to love because it hits so close to home for people in so many walks of life. i think the reason it can touch so many people is because it makes people wonder about how well their friends would think they are doing rather than how well they themselves think they are doing. "what would i look like if the mirror were to show my 'inner' self rather than my 'outer' self?" is the pervasive question here.

Justina of the wild |


Not many books about the artist as a fictional character. there are plenty, too many non-fiction books about art. but this one is one of a handful that put the reader into the mind of the artist. others for comparison are: this side of a wilderness, by daniel j. rice, the moon and sixpense, by somerset maugham, and rosshalde, by hermann hesse, are other more recent titles that accomplish the difficult yet spellbinding experience of reading about the insatiable thirst to express oneself through art...

Dancer |

Goddess kali

Nice hard cover book. very attractive looking book. has the original story in it. so it is a really good buy.