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The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde - (illustrated): -(illustrated)-The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

Robert e. murena jr. |

Picture is an aesthetic masterpiece

Oscar wilde as leader of the literary wing of the aesthetic movement is by most accounts among the most bohemian of the victorian english writers. just looking at pictures taken of him reveals his fascination if not preoccupation with the beautiful and luxurious. reading any work of his we quickly become privy of his style which strives for beauty and quality grammar. his themes revolve around the lives of the well off in the late 19th century and the "picture of dorian grey" is a prime example of wilde's work. it is a full-bodied novel that fully takes itself seriously and builds up to a great climax. the plot is relatively simple and while it gives itself away quite early we read on, luxuriating in the beautiful prose and excitement about what's to come. the theme of eternal youth is something we can all relate to and in this world of extreme make over and botox it is a very relevant theme the book reads quickly and wilde doesn't waste the readers time developing scenes even though some description approach the extreme. and though wilde tends to be more philosophical in this work than in others, it fits the story and is not ruinous to the overall effect. this book is a necessary stop along the tour of 19th century english literature and it is a wonderful one. if you enjoy it i recommend you check out some of his short stories: they are quick and some are very good. i recommend this version since it is inexpensive and holds up quite well (i am destructive to books). ted murena

Victory malon |

Should have cult following

Great classic read when horror was pure vision without todays technology and special effects. old movie was scary when i was 6 years old showing on the bell telephone hour in 1959 tv, black and white television. books always better though.

Lw |

Exquisitely disturbing...

I had never read the book before, just seen the movie. while the movie is a dark and frightening one, it certainly pales in comparison with the deeply evil psychological thriller of the book. i was riveted to it while at the same time wanting to push it away in fear and loathing. best read late at night...