Brand : John Bunyan

The Pilgrim's Progress (Dream Classics)

Dan |


This is not a children's book. this book is relevant to everyone who is a christian and should be read by those who seek a better knowledge of what it is to live a christian life. it is just as true and applicable as it was in the 1600s. everyone should read this book and learn.

Zachary b. |

John bunyan's prose is so vivid and poetic!

Robert whitfield nails the narration. he tackles a strong range of character voices and keeps the story engaging.

Abigail j smith |

I loved this book also

I read this to my kids ages 6, 4, and 2. they may not have understood everything, but they were very into the story. i loved this book also. it is one you can read over and over again. i enjoyed having the scripture references in it although it made reading it aloud a bit of a pain because i skipped over them while reading to the kids. it is a great modern english version of this book though. my older two picked up the story line with understanding easily.