Brand : John Bunyan

The Pilgrim's Progress ( Superfine Edition) Young people's Pilgrim Progress

Sunnydays121 |

Five stars

Excellent classic book. i've read it multiple times and taken something new away each time. highly recommended!

J. roberts |

A great version out of the many

This is one of the better versions of the pilgrim's progress. the version is written in clear modern language. the bible verses are conveniently located so one can easily read and compare them to the way john bunyan uses them in the story. (the bible verses are actually written out not just marked) i have several versions of the pilgrim's progress, so i have read this story over and over many times. i would highly recommend this version and the one written by barry horner. both of the books have their advantages. if you have read this story before and you really didn't get anything out of it, i would suggest you buying this version and trying it again. i have gained different insights with each and every reading.

P. carson |

Very pleased!

Gave it as a gift and it arrived quickly, so that was great! i listen to pilgrims progress when i walk/jog. i don't look forward to jogging but i always look forward to listening to the book, so it gets me out the door!