Brand : Mark Twain

The Prince and the Pauper

Gabby |

The adventures of huckleberry finn

The book was a narrative and i expected it to be a continuation of the relationship between tom sawyer and huck finn. however hucks description of his experiences on his journey down the mississippi were as entertaining as the experiences the boys encountered in mark twain's first book about them. i enjoyed the diction in the discourse between jim and was real without the pc sanitation that we are continually encountering today. loved the whole lot.

Peripan |


My daughter needed this for school and it arrived right on time! a great classic. i don't understand this minimum word requirement. please stop forcing us to say something.

Matthew t. mason |

8 year old loves these books

My 8 year old is into the "classics." he loves these books and has asked for the others to read. his assessment was good enough to earn 5 stars.