Brand : Fraser

The Promise Pact (Promise to Love Book 1)

Voraciousreader |

The promise pact was an absolute delight! from the very beginning

The promise pact was an absolute delight! from the very beginning, i could feel the attraction between kaya and max. there were many twists and turns that the two had to take to finally reach their happily ever after, however, the twists and turns are what made this story amazing. this is a new author, but i can't wait until she comes out with her next book. if it is anything like this one, i can't wait!

Amazon customer |

A nice, refreshing alternative!!!

I actually bought this book on another site, but i figured i'd post a review here while i was logged in. great story! something fresh and different from all of the rest of the crap out here, today. i really felt the tension between the two long-lost, should have been high school sweethearts. i can't wait until j.a. releases the second book so i can see how things turn out for them!!!!! great job!

K. r. shaw |

Intriguing, hot romance!

True love is timeless. the promise pact was an intriguing, romantic story that was an absolute page turner. it was great to see the progression of max and kaya's relationship after they reconnected. fraser did a great job of presenting the emotions, frustrations and insecurities that both kaya and max battled with as they rekindled their romance.this was perfectly balanced with erotic scenes that leaped from the digital pages! seeing their love grow to the point that they could share that love was beautiful, fraser's writing portrays this so well that you become invested in each character, keeping you on the edge of your seat about what will happen next. great read!