Brand : Khalil Gibran

The Prophet

Natasha s |

Deep, soulful, beautiful

This book has been recommended to me by an acquaintance. it's a philosophical fable full of wisdom and reflection on our personal and collective values. even though it's a short book, it takes a while to read it because you don't want to rush through it. its meant to be taken in small "bites". the language is poetic and allegorical at times. every sentence is loaded with meaning. it's a treat for your mind and your soul. loved it!

Barrett |

Great parables, easy to read

First time reading this book, heard about it from les brown and decided to buy it. great parables, easy to read, and short.

Mm |

Give yourself a moment to be still, quiet and contemplative

I love this book so much. i've given so many as gifts or, i give mine away and then have to order a new one for myself. if you are walking the deep inner path of self discovery, clearing and healing, you'll know the truth of his words. especially the passage on love, page 11.