Brand : John Grisham

The Racketeer

Vivienne diane neal |

A page-turning narrative with a blend of murder, suspense, and righteousness

This is my first time reading john grisham’s work, and the racketeer, which was recommended by some of my friends on facebook, held my attention from beginning to end. the protagonist, malcolm bannister, a disbarred lawyer, is serving time in a federal prison for a crime he did not commit and sees a way out, but only on his terms, when a judge and his mistress are brutally murdered. the story explores the unfairness in the federal criminal system, lies, manipulation, secrets, and abuse of power and how class and status determines the social order and treatment of alleged criminals and inmates. this gripping, suspenseful story takes you on a roller coaster journey with flawed characters that are involved in drugs, money laundering, fraud, corruption, deception and scores of twists and turns and an intriguing plot and a bolt from the blue ending.

Lynae finseth |

Calico joe

This book was excellent. it was a quick read but it kept your attention i always enjoy john grisham books

Beth burns |


It was a great read. i felt like i was apart of the family. gresham did a great job. i couldn't put it down.