Brand : Marie-Henri Beyle Stendhal

The Red and the Black

Alexandra mitchell |

Classic literature :-)

You must read it to believe it, much less appreciate it. there is a reason why they refer to such works as "classics". it is, quite simply, because they are :-)

Hj |

The red and the black

As if though led by destiny, i started to read this book accidentally but then found myself with tears at the end of this book. julien sorel... the ultimate character ever produced by literature, is a young amibitous man with a middle class background, and later on in the book he becomes more and more complex. this book draws much emotion to the reader, it is very, very touching and thoughtful. stendhal shows so much emotion here it is almost given that he had felt love in this way too, and it is true, he had pursued love blindly in his lifetime. you'll find this book a great one with lots of strong feelings to it.

Steiner |


Stendhal's masterpiece 'the red and the black' is a perfectly woven portrait of the tragically rigid impositions of the church and society on man. julien sorel, the young and brilliant protagonist, falls in love first with a provincial wife, and later a parisian wife of a marquise. a wonderfully conceived depiction of the arbitrary forces which prevent the individual from happiness. stendhal is a clunky stylist in comparison to flaubert, but his characters may be more complex and interesting. 'the red and the black' often transcends the somewhat belabored arguments leveled against the church; his characters breathe with life and miraculously rich developments and contradictions. a true masterpiece of french realism.