Brand : Joseph Conrad

The Rescue (Annotated): A Romance of the Shallows

Beverly carey |

Enjoyed this story very much

Some parts of the story were predictable, but there were still some surprises. enjoyed the revealing of taylor's past and how events had shaped his life.

Harold g. clark |

The rescue

The rescue is a combination of romantic and adventure. this is an amazing book and you won't be able to put it down. the suspense and anticipation of what is going to happen next is outstanding. the author nicholas sparks illustrates this book so you feel like you are there sharing the pain or the joy. i felt i actually knew these people and wanted to lend a hand. all the conflicts are things that happen in life that everyday you face like kids not wanting to cooperate. these problems help you relate to the characters even more. this is a great book and i highly recommend it.

J. a. stapleton |

Good for firefighter's girlfriends/wives

The rescue was the first nicholas sparks book i have read. i finished it in one day! my boyfriend is a professional and volunteer firefighter so i am always drawn to books involving firefighters. this book really draws you in. it is definitely a tear jerker! my only criticism would be the way he portrayed the fire dept. not that it couldn't happen, but i have never heard of a dept. that called their members on the phone rather than having a paging system. also, they would have worn scba's into any working fires instead of just holding their breath. yes, it was a small town but it is the 21st century! great read!