Brand : William L. Shirer

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany

Ken harmon |

How easy it is to give up all rights and hand ...

This should be required reading for every citizen of a democracy. how easy it is to give up all rights and hand over total power to a lunatic. it is also about terrorism, and how fainthearted most of us are in the face of it. someone has to stand up terrorists while they are still vulnerable and haven't consolidated power.. does that sound like something we might consider doing in the mideast.

T. miranda |

Long, but very detailed and thorough.

This is a great book that gives an inside look at nazi germany through many captured nazi documents. a must read for anyone interested in the european theatre of ww2.

Mark gospri |


This book was phenomenal. a bit long, but an interesting read with tons of background throughout. really enjoyed it even though it took a while to get in to the more "exciting" portions. the lead up is important, though, since as is often pointed out "everything hitler did was legal at the time."