Brand : Enid Blyton

The Rockingdown Mystery (Enid Blyton Barney Mysteries)

Sheila lowe |

A childhood favorite

Delighted to have found this book, which was part of my introduction to the world of mystery. now that i'm a mystery author myself, i appreciate it even more. i loved enid blyton.

Chloe k. |

E. blyton mystery series

I read most of this series when i was very young. the blyton books bring back very fond memories of england in a period of her history (1938 - 1960 ) that was both hard, difficult and scary (years leading up to wwii and the rather wonderful years post wwii of a typical english village. i really can relate to this series as i grew up in a small village in kent, also went to boarding school and loved to come home for the hols and meet-up with all my mates. this really is memory lane for me and i believe that the love of these books are worthy to pass on to my grandchildren.

W.l. emery |

Excellent read

Enid blyton (aka mary pollock) was a prolific author of children's stories written and published in england around 1930. colloquiums for the place and time will need to be explained. all that aside, enid blyton was an excellent author and i highly recommend her stories for the appropriate age group.