Brand : Rudyard Kipling

The Second Jungle Book

Josh & laura |

Get the minilima version!! a beautiful, heirloom-quality book

"the jungle book" is a classic novel, one that all children should either hear read, or read themselves. this version (by minalima ltd. w/interactive elements) should be the one you get. it is incredible!! it is chalked-full of interactive "stuff," and has the most beautiful illustrations. one of the better things with this version is that all the "stuff" it comes with is attached to the book, which means it will be much more difficult to lose. really, if you're trying to decide which version of this timeless book you should buy, get the minalima version. they also have a , which is just as delightful. (no, i do not work for this company, and in fact know nothing about them other than the fact that these two books are totally magical.)

Striveforexcellence |

Wonderful for the imagination

Younger readers that are still being read out loud to by parents will be captivated by this book. classic kipling that is much better than any of the disney versions.

Fernan peralta |

Great book

As with most of the little golden books, these have been a great addition to our toddler's collection of books.