Brand : Stephen King

The Shining

Jake williams |

Amazingly dark.

Wow! i loved it! great read, not difficult language, very dark subjects. i see why this american classic is so well known, worth the time, 100%,

Maricris n |


It was really scary even if i just depended on my imagination, the story just puts it inside your head!


One of the best books i've ever read

The shining was my first stephen king book and i was very impressed. it was absolutely terrifying and i could hardly read it at night because it was so realistic! i absolutely love his writing style... i know that from now on i will be hooked. this book had everything i love, ghosts, psychic abilities, suspense and an incredible plot. i had seen the movie a while back and i was scared but the movie is nothing like the book. there were so many more details and interesting aspects in the book. i would definitely recommend the shining.