Brand : Thomas Harris

The Silence of the Lambs

Bob balyeat |

Outstanding read.

This is one book you will have trouble putting down. great read. i am looking forward to silence of the lambs.

Papafrer |

Terrifying and necessary

I had thought this would be tawdry, gratuitous even. i am glad i was quite wrong. i needed something dark, yet entwined with hope. this fit the bill perfectly.

Astrid |


Have seen the movie in its whole 1 or 2 times, and pieces of it every time i'd catch it on tv. i had never read the book however and finally i have. i now realize that i never really understood the story. thomas harris is an excellent writer, with subtle references to literary or film classics. the end still had me sitting up, even though i know how it ends. i am very happy i bought this book and will probably buy the others in the series as well