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The Sixth Sense [Blu-ray]

Stingray ramone |

Very intensive thriller that leaves you with a big chill

What surprised me most about the sixth sense is how cerebral it is considering that after all, it is a horror film. it is not exactly a horror film, because obviously, there are no unrealistically macabre sequences and the "dead people" aren't menacing or sinister, whose unfinished business is to kill and destroy, but to serve as guides of compassion. however, the sixth sense is a horror film, in that it grips you psychologically, that leaves you with an unsettling feeling in your stomach. the sixth sense is a story that is founded on the relationship of malcolm crowe (bruce willis), a highly acclaimed child psychologist and cole sear (haley joel osment), a disturbed nine year-old of whom is bestowed the gift and or the curse of communicating with the spirits of the deceased. the story starts off with malcolm and his wife, anna (olivia williams resting comfortably at home. their peace is interrupted, when an intruder, who turns out to be one of malcolm's former child patients by the name of vincent gray (donnie wahlberg), breaks into the couple's bathroom. now as an adult, gray is distraught and suicidal and he exacts a measure of revenge on malcolm before taking his own life. bouncing back a year later, malcolm encounters the extremely sensitive, troubled cole, who is an unhappy outcast amongst his peers because of his paranormal psychic ability. looking to dispatch the lingering emotional pain of watching and "causing" vincent gray's suicide and its effect on his life, especially his marriage, malcolm urges cole to confront these spirits and to pick up on what they want. meanwhile, malcolm attempts to mend his marriage with anna, because she simply would not talk to him and in the mouth-dropping climax which is quite reminiscent of the ambrose bierce short story, "an occurrence on owl creek bridge", he discovers the shocking truth on why. even though the sixth sense boasts outstanding performances turned in by bruce willis and haley joel osment, m. night shyamalan's exquisite directing and storytelling is what makes the sixth sense stand out as one of the best films in 1999 and in the horror film genre. what is even more effective to the purpose of the film is the thought-provoking conclusion. if you have not carefully observed the film, scene by scene, the movie invites you to re-evaluate and reconceptualize the story and its events and it demands you to watch the film over and over to attain a deep understanding of its concept, without losing its awesomeness and splendor simultaneously. all in all, the sixth sense is not horrifically gory and much more cerebral. if you crave the intellectually challenging thriller flick and a much more macabre presentation, then i highly recommend seven. either way, the sixth sense is a well-rounded, must-see flick which does not stop provoking thought and providing chills.

Diadora17352 |

Very sweet

I was scared to watch this movie until a few years after it came out and was hesitant even when i had it in my home, however i built up the courage and sat down one night to see what would happen. i was surprised to find my favorite movie, second only to the godfather. this is one of the sweetest most emotional films i've ever watched because to me, the concept that a small boy could find the courage to face his fears in the very thing he fears most, is beautiful. i enjoyed the performance of the two main actors as well as the music by one of my favorite composers. the twist at the end didnt surprise me but only becuase i was paying very close attention to subtle details in the film. nevertheless, this movie is a great example of a beautiful story portrayed in an inconventional way.

Maryv |

... seen this film for quite some time but still enjoyed the twists and turns as much as the 1st ...

I haven't seen this film for quite some time but still enjoyed the twists and turns as much as the 1st time.