Brand : Julie Andrews

The Sound of Music

C wahlman |

The best edition ever!

This is the best edition of any movie i have ever had the joy to own! the blu ray and dvd versions of both the musical and extras are provided. a soundtrack is even included! a wonderful color, hardbound book about the movie and postcards from salzburg are beautiful. the best keepsake is a music box (possibly ceramic?) that plays "my favorite things." it was such a surprise, i love it! all comes bound in a keepsake box all within the theme of favorite things. this limited edition set is well worth the money. anyone who the loves the film will be delighted to own this. the musical is beautifully restored, and the extras are such wonderfully crafted treats. much care and thought went into this package, and it shows! the music and story are timeless, and are brilliant on blu ray. the bonus features are so numerous, i have not gone through them all yet, but the real life on trapp family will be my first stop! everything you could possible want to know about the music, the actors, the making of the movie, the background story, and the movie musical itself is included here. i highly recommend this as the most comprehensive the sound of music package! it will be one of your favorite things.

Grammie |

Love this movie

I ordered this movie for my granddaughter because she watched it on tv with carrie underwood. it brought back many good memories of me as a child and watching this all the time with the family

Dennis martin |

The sound of music

I always love this movie the singing and the drama of what was happing back then, and strong performence by julie andrews and christoef plummer bring it to the front. i got to see the live play past summer, incrediable performence by lady who played the mother superior. and also lady who played mother supieror in the movie singing to julie andrews,