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The Spanish Apartment ( L'auberge espagnole ) ( Una casa de locos (Pot Luck / Euro Pudding) ) [ NON-USA FORMAT, Blu-Ray, Reg.B Import - France ]


In response to "what a mess"

Apparently you missed the point of the movie. i don't know which language you saw it in, but maybe you couldn't read the subtitles. "our hero's" (xavier) life goal was in fact to write, if you recall that several times in the movie he mentioned he wanted to write, and that is what he does at the end of the film. what he abandons is the bureaucratic job that certain pressures are forcing him to take. and by the way, i have not seen this dvd version, as i don't think it's been released in the u.s. yet, but the cover is rather deceptive. audrey tautou has a minor role and her character is not very pleasant, so don't buy this if you are looking for another amélie. ciao, a plus.

Michael acuna |

European pudding

"the spanish apartment" (l'auberge espagnole) is what xavier is in desperate need of when he arrives in madrid to study spanish and to immerse himself in the culture so as to follow his father's footstep and become a bureaucrat in a paris-based firm that deals primarily with the spanish. and what he finds is more than a proficiency in the spanish language of course, he finds love, he finds what appears to be lifelong friendship with his six roommates who come from all over europe and ultimately...he finds himself. "l'auberge espagnole" then is about finding out, after twelve years of schooling, after listening to the where/the why's/the who's from a host of teachers...who we are, who is our core self, what are our dreams, what will we make of our lives? pretty basic stuff, n'est pas? but director cedric klapisch has fashioned this film in such a way and inhabited it with such interesting and winning actors/characters that we are fascinated and entertained. it is a sunny, compassionate film without one mean bone in its body. "the spanish apartment" deals with the serious issues of relationships and self-realization. klapisch has just chosen to present them in a truthful, emotionally available, particularly french and slyly humorous manner.

Casey marie |

Spanish living

L'auberge espagnole-- totally what happens when you are studying (esp. erasmus) abroad. love, disappointment, parties, even the catalan mentality is accurately depicted. a cute and frivolous movie! note: only in french or spanish (audio) with english subtitles. a good way to brush up on your french or castillano!