Brand : Stacey Ballis

The Spinster Sisters

Michele l |

She did it again!!!!

I have read all of stacey's books and i loved all of them. it's hard to choose my favorite book as i loved them all for different reasons. her writing grabs you and pulls you in. it is hard to put her books down because you want to know what is going to happen next. the spinster sisters is no exception! you feel like part of the family right along with jodi, jill, aunt shirley and aunt ruth! i can really relate with jodi's reasons for dating more than one guy. her story lines flow well and move at a great pace! when you get close to the end, it leaves you wanting more and you become sad because you've finished the book! this book is a must read!

Harrybrooklyn |

A great read, and not just for chicks!

The spinster sisters is a totally engaging, entertaining, provocative novel that will keep you turning pages right up until the inside of the back cover. stacey ballis has created characters who are filled with life and good humor. the central characters, sisters jodi and jill, are smart, independent, feisty, and complex. their aunts, ruth and shirley, are equally compelling and interesting, and the men in the lives of these women are no cardboard cutouts. these characters feel like human beings, and like people you'd really like to know. they laugh, cry, make mistakes, and celebrate like you wish everyone would. there are no two-dimensional personalities in spinster sisters--no heros without flaws or villians who are unredeemable. (okay--the ex-husband's new wife isn't anyone you'd want to be stuck on an island with, but, hey, don't we all know a few people like that?) i was completely charmed by the spinster sisters, and i enjoyed every page.

Nicole snyder |

Great read!

This book does a great job of balancing light hearted chick lit with deeper emotions. the characters were very relatable....a very enjoyable read!