Brand : Robert Louis Stevenson

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Illustrated Classic Editions)

Jared l. gibbs |


Please don't assume that because you have seen versions of this classic in some sorta cartoon or in comedic jest, this is a great book and cartoons or comedies about the story should be ignored


Dr. jekell and mr. hyde

Dr. jekyll and mr. hyde was an awesome book. it was so awesome because it was so visual. what i mean by this is that all through the book, even though the characters in the novel were not able to describe him, it was written in a way that i was able to picture hyde's face. i could just see his ugly face. also, the idea of someone who is able to change themselves completey by just drinking a potion is an awesome concept(although the change was not what dr. jekyll wanted). i also enjoy the fact that the main character kills himself in the end. that doesn't happen in most stoies and it gave this story a great twist. i wouldn't change a thing about this book and would reccommend to any reader dr. jekyll and mr. hyde.

Jaime (jim) batista |

A must read book

A brilliant story-a brilliant premise that is carried out flawlessly, imo only..the author painted pictures in my mind and i could almost feel the dispair in doctor jekyll's plot spoiler here..i have seen one old movie rendition-not bad-but as is usually the case, the book is better (much better).. i would certainly recommend this book to any reader looking for a classic thriller..for me it was a five star read all the way through..