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G. ma |

Knowing is doing

In this book, jack canfield introduced me to many new ideas and concepts, and reintroduced me to ones i thought i knew. the read was very easy, entertaining, and educational. i do not expect to master all these principles within a read or two, or even a year or two. but i know that my level of success is in direct proportion to my ability to integrate these principles to my life and make them an everyday habit. great book! (i'm glad i bought the hard cover.)

Kerrie |

Jack canfield---thank you

Jack canfield has gone the extra mile to provide us with an exceptional plan. his writing style and technique ensures that we all beleive we can achieve. page after page i've highlighted text. page after page i've read about jack canfield's thoughts and ideas and those pages include individuals stories which support those ideas. this book is a handbook on personal growth and self development. take the leap. buy it. read it and continue to refer to it.

Richard pierre-gilles |

Life changing literature

Pivotal book in a person's life, backed by moving and inspiring stories that make it feel possible for each of us to succeed.